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Blockchain and E-Governance in Estonia - Everything You Must Know

“Digital society is born when your people refuse to use paper. And in our country, we know that our people refuse to use paper. If you arrive at such a point in your development, you have to make your digital state always secure,” Kersti Kaljulaid, an Estonian politician who is the fifth and current President of Estonia

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, a small Baltic nation of Estonia was brought to life. During then, just half of the population had access to the telephone line, and its only contact with the outside world was the Prime Minister’s secret mobile number, and in 2020, it stands as the world's first digitalized society.

The Estonian government has always encouraged the growth of technology, this is a big reason the country has developed into a startup hub and one of the earliest adopters of the Blockchain technology. The government is also making necessary efforts to launch the country's first government-powered crypto--token known as Estcoin. Estonia Is a Fully Digitalised Society

One of the turning points in the history of Estonia or the inclination towards embracing the Blockchain technology to build a better nation was after a severe cyber-attack in the year 2007. With the freedom of Estonia, it made the quick move of joining NATO and becoming a member nation of the EU, this was to ensure it stays clear of the Russian leadership. As this decision of moving away from SOVIET was passed in the Estonian parliament, most of the public services were done, and the country was down to knees by the biggest ever DOS-attacks. Both the local and international media speculated Russia had their hands in this worst cyber-attacks. So, it paved the way for the Estonia Blockchain fairytale.

The year 2008 When the Estonian Government Invested in Blockchain

In the year 2008, the government of Estonia was making all the efforts to build an advanced nation with the limitless power of technology, during those days, Satoshi, known as the founder of Bitcoin released a whitepaper over the Blockchain technology. The government encouraged the different sectors to thoroughly understand this whitepaper, and since 2012, this Blockchain has become the underlying technology of the majority of Estonian registries, right from the healthcare sector, judicial to the commercial code systems. Besides, Blockchain technology has been utilized in personal medicine and cybersecurity as well.

Estonia is also recognized as the birthplace of Skype, talk, chat. & collaborate with the world.

“The fact that Skype was founded in Estonia, the fact that Skype had a successful exit, which meant that Estonia benefited in a major way, meant that entrepreneurship became legitimate. There were more than a thousand people who either worked or had worked at Skype who had seen what it takes to build a global business. “Taavet Hinrikus, founder TransferWise

To Wrap Up

It is a no-brainer to announce that the relation of the Blockchain technology and the Estonian government is light years ahead of most European nations. Several episodes in the country’s history played an integral role in paying the way for X-Road, E-Residency to Guardtime.

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