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Why Hire Blockchain Consultant India To Start Crypto Business Estonia?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Bitcoin India, as we know is been trending all over the news because of different reasons due to its unclear status of cryptocurrency. As per the statement was given by one of the union ministers on 19th July 2019, “Holding or trading cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is not banned in India”. And the fate of the cryptocurrencies is still under examination of a Government-appointed inter-ministerial committee, whether to permit the trading of/in cryptocurrencies.

“Blockchain technology represents a generational opportunity to mutualize database infrastructure across entities within financial services. What that translates into is an enormous cost-saving, risk-reducing, and capital-enhancing opportunity” - Blythe Masters, a former executive at JPMorgan Chase.

At the global stage, today there is a plethora of hype around Blockchain technology. The underlying technology of cryptocurrency, Blockchain has a role to play in different industries, spanning from the world aviation sector, banking sector, to the education system. Estonia is one country that is backing Blockchain technology to take their nation forward. Over the last decade, the government of Estonia has invested massively to digitalize every public service with the use of Blockchain Technology. The acceptance of Blockchain Technology in Estonia has made it breezy-easy for entrepreneurs to breathe life into their big and innovative business ventures.

Why Global Blockchain Investors Are Coming to Estonia?

The Estonia laws on startups are user-friendly for those who are looking to invest time and resources in revolutionary Blockchain projects. So, in a nutshell, you need to hire experienced blockchain consultant India to turn your visual the idea in a reality, and the procedure is not baffling.

CEO of the Blockchain.com some time back said the government’s forward-thinking policies and the country reputation as a digitalized society allowed them to get their business registered in the capital of Tallinn.

Discover the True Potential of Blockchain Technology in Estonia

Blockchain technology has the future of the world in its hands, if you want to have a glimpse of it then pay a visit to a small country near Russia, Estonia. Here 99% of the services are online and add to that, 100% of the government is secured by the Blockchain Ledger, that’s why the country bagged the popular title e-Estonia. With each passing year, the country is moving ahead to fulfill the country’s dream project, the e-Residency program.

In 2012, the country first-ever Blockchain project was created in the name of KSI. This scalable Blockchain technology was developed by the Estonian cryptographers. This technology revolved around establishing data integrity of the finest order and safeguarding against internal threats. No one, the hackers, the system administrators or even the government cannot manipulate the data stored.

Blockchain Technology and Estonia - A Promising Partnership

Going by global trends, it is fair to predict the bright the prospect of this technology in Estonia. Nowadays, more and more Blockchain consultant India companies are taking great interest in this new technology touted it as the second big thing after the Internet.

There is plenty of Cryptocurrency consultants India backing startups today to set up their Blockchain-powered business in Estonia. Seeing immense interest in this Blockchain technology by enormous global multi-billion-dollar enterprises in Estonia and at the same time startups are also working on this technology.

Final Thought

After going through the entire post, it is crystal clear the Blockchain Technology is bound to revolutionize Estonia and further strengthen its economic growth. So, if you planning to start a Cryptocurrency business, then Estonia is the nation must you invest without a dilemma! Cryptocurrency consultants India can help you with Estonia’s e-Residency program.

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