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Company Formation UK: All That You Need To Know

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The United Kingdom is the largest hub for industrial setups and now is expanding into other verticals for commercial trades as well. For any business, expanding to new countries is pretty much the first step towards exponential growth.

Here’s all that you’d need to know if you are considering the UK as your next destination for expanding your business.

Name, Extension, And Operation Definition

The very first step towards Company Formation UK is to decide on a name for your company. There are certain guidelines as to what should be the name of your company depending upon the type of company you wish to set. For example, if you decide you form a sole proprietorship then you can easily define the operations, register and start operating your business. Whereas, if you decide to set up a partnership firm, there are certain guidelines that you need to adhere to while deciding the name of your company.

Registration With The Trades Corporation

Once you have decided upon the name, the extension, and the operations of your company, you need to register your company with the local authorities. For example, setting up a company in Malta would require you to register your company name with the trade unions in the country. Along with that, you’d also need to provide the government with all the legal documentations laying forth the format of your business process. Since Malta is pretty popular amongst cryptocurrency-related business operators, you can easily set up a cryptocurrency exchange in Malta. To complete the registration process it is mandatory to obtain an operating license for your designated business.

Compiling Taxation Format And Process

The next step is to compile your tax filing format. You can choose for self-assessment or you can hire an accountant to calculate your taxes and file them for you. For example, in account Estonian company formation would require you to declare your assets and an annual turnover of the organization for filing taxes. As compared to Malta, Estonia offers a more friendly environment for blockchain projects and cryptocurrency exchanges. Although digital currency is not legally accepted as a medium of sale and purchase in Estonia, it is considered as an asset and accountable for tax filing.

Set Up Your Company And Start Operating

Now that you have fulfilled all the necessary documentation for your company to be registered in the UK, you need to invest initially for setting up your business. These costs include inventory accumulation, acquiring a storehouse or office space, machinery or equipment cost and the associated maintenance. Once you have the required setup for your company, you can start operating your business. You can hire employees, acquire partners, and also sell shares if registered with the exchange ministry.

The United Kingdoms offers the most business-friendly environment for new businesses. For this reason, the World Bank has listed the United Kingdoms region amongst its 2017 index for business-friendly countries. Consider the norms of the country that you decide to register your company in depending upon the registration process, the time required for legal documentation, the assistance offered by the country, and of course, the initial investment required.

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