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Everything you need to know about Estonia crypto exchange license

Most of you might have the question that why it is best to start with your cryptocurrency business in Estonia? Well, this is because Estonia is the first European country that has legalized the business of Cryptocurrencies and is quite friendly with the whole concept as well. But in order to start with your company here, it is mandatory that you obtain the Estonia crypto exchange license. This license will help you receive and transfer funds even from third parties.

Procedure to obtain the license

The whole process of the license is governed by the local law authorities of the state, and you need to get approval before the license. There surely will be experts that will guide you through the procedure and also tell you about the included details. The first stage of the application requires the following.

You need to prepare a power of attorney for the completion of the whole procedure.

It is important that a power of attorney is translated into Estonian. This is important to gain certification for the Estonia crypto exchange license.

Make sure to complete incorporating the Estonian Company.

Also, it is mandatory for you to open a corporate bank account.

In order to complete the incorporation of a company, there are certain documents that need to be presented. We have mentioned these documents below.

You need to present a scanned copy of your passport. It is to be done both by the residents of Estonia or other countries.

In case you are married, you need to add the marriage certificate to the list of documents, as well. This needs to be done to be careful in the case of selling its shares to any third party.

You must also include all the contact details of the founders of the company. These details include the phone number, email address along with the residential details, and registration of the Estonia crypto exchange license.

It is also necessary to provide the name of the company.

Also, you need not forget to mention the website, Skype address, and contact details of the company.

All the activities of the company must also be listed down.

Do not forget to add the legal address details in the application.

Final words

Make sure to complete all the process with the utmost care and caution. Do not forget to enter the correct details and also make sure that everything document listed is submitted correctly. This is essential in order to get the Estonia crypto exchange license. After you gain the license, there must be rules and regulations in your company, keeping an eye on the terror finance and money laundering that could happen. In case you any suspicious person or activity, it is your responsibility to report it to the responsible authorities of the Estonian state. This is to be done for not only your and everyone else's protection.

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