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How To Become E-Resident of Estonia?

Today, there is a lot of talk amongst international investors and entrepreneurs about a European nation with a small population of 1.28 million. But why? The answer is pretty simple, Estonia is the prime example of a digitalized society in the world, where 99% of the government services are governed online, whether obtaining a driver’s license or setting up your company; everything is done with a few clicks online. However, what has drawn the interest of people outside Estonia? You can open a company in Estonia without being a citizen of this country or even visiting it once in your lifetime. All you’ve to do is to enroll for the Estonian e-resident program and become an e-resident to get all the access to the services that a local is availing. Plus, regardless of your nationality, you can apply for an e-residency. Here, in this article, we’ve created a mini step-by-step guide on how to apply for Estonia’s e-residency. So, let’s find out:-

#1 Visit the e-Residency Website

To get started, it is imperative to obtain all the key information about this program, and there is no better place than checking out the official website. There you’ll get to every minute detail with regards to the perks of becoming an Estonian e-resident. If you are planning on starting a crypto business after getting the e-resident card, it is a no-brainer to reach out to a credible crypto consulting services provider as they’ll help you out with the entire process.

#2 Gather the Documentation

The odds of getting e-residency application approval are damn high, but you still need all the necessary documents to avoid any chances. The most common documents include the photo-ID card proof issued by your government. Your motivation statement; it means with what aim you are setting up your company in Estonia. Above all, a master card to pay off the application fees of 120 Euros.

#3 Submit the Application

You need for the e-residency online via the official website of the Estonian e-residency that you visited earlier. Go to the Apply section and start the application. You need to upload your documents, provide your motivation statement, and finally pay off the fees. You can seek the advice of competent crypto consulting services; they’ll assist you with everything. In fact, take the matter in their hands, their years of practical experience will instantaneously improve the chances of you getting the approval.

Post applying for e-residency, you need to wait for at least 30 days, as the government authorities will do all the background checks to make a final decision. You don’t have to take a flight to Estonia to get the ID card; it will be easily accessible in your area itself.

If you’ve already obtained the e-residency card of Estonia, share your experience with us in the comment section below. Or, if you have any doubts and queries with regards to the e-residency application process, reach out to our experts - we’re to help you out.

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