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Planning to start a business in Estonia? Estonia has great opportunities in various business sectors. There are many websites that can be useful when you are planning to establish a company. e-Residency is one of those websites. Let’s discuss how to start your business in Estonia using the e-Residency application website.

Step by step guide to register your company in Estonia- How to

First of all, you need to be an e-Resident before registering a company in Estonia. But, hold on, you can start the process right away before even applying for e-Residency. You can go directly to the e-Residency application website and register as an e-Resident. This will take only a few clicks. All you will need is to fill in some information about you, your citizenship, date of birth, personal data, and upload some pictures of your ID/passport and your face.

How to do that:

Naming your company: You will need to register. This step includes checking the name of your company is not already registered. The company name should be unique from other company names and European/Estonian trademark.

Filling in the data: Next, you will be asked to add information about the company i.e. the shareholders, board members and company data.

For this, you need to add information about the members of the company. For every single person you add, you have to decide if it’s going to be a shareholder, member of the board, or both. If the members of the company have their e-Resident IDs already, that’s going to help you a lot and this will allow them to enter and sign the company registration. If not, don’t worry, you will be able to add their date of birth to make sure the signatures are issued to the right person.

After that, you need to specify the activity of your company along with contact numbers and emails.

Overview and payment: Once you are done with filling in the data, you have to verify that all the information is correct. Make sure you check everything properly because the price of the company registration will be different under certain circumstances in case of multiple members or crypto companies. After rechecking, proceed to pay.

Becoming an Estonian e-Resident: You are done now. If all the members are e-Residents, the company registration will take around 48 hours’ approximately.

If in case some of the company members are not e-Residents yet, then they need to apply at the official e-Residency website. Once applications approval, they will have to wait until all of them have their ID card handy. Don’t panic, Be patient!! It will take 3-4 weeks.

Signing the company registration and services contract: So finally, when all the members have their e-Residency cards, they will be able to sign the company registration and services contract digitally. This step plays an important part in order to guarantee the consent of all the members.

After the completion of this step, they will proceed to enter the company in the business registry. Isn’t it easy?

The registration process is fast. You will be asked to confirm your company email and sign the application. In just 24 to 48 hours, your company will be registered, and you will receive the official document containing the registration code of your company.

This registration code, along with the name and address of your company will identify your company. You should now include it on each and every invoice you issue to your customers. Now, you just need to open your bank account.

Choosing the best banking solution: Here you have two alternatives to operate after setting up your company in Estonia.

First: You can open an account in a traditional bank like LHV and this bank works with e-Residents.

Second: The second alternative is using a digital banking provider. For e.g.: Transfer wise. They are online banking services that offer you an account, with IBAN and Swift. This will allow your company to operate completely online. Most of them also provide you with a debit card for your company.

And ta-da!! That’s All!Once you have your e-Residency card with you, you are ready. Your company can be ready in 5-10 days, including a bank account. Now it’s time to focus on your business.

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