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Open Cryptocurrency Company in Estonia

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Slowly but gradually Estonia is becoming an established European financial hub. Thanks to the services international investors are offered by the authorities. This is one of the key explanations why the usage of cryptocurrency is becoming popular here.

Estonia is one of the first countries to create clear legislation on cryptocurrency-related operations in the world and the European Union, thus acknowledging its significance and position in potential transactions.

More than 90 percent of Estonians have an electronic identification card that enables them to access public facilities and fly around the EU.

The big event that solidified Estonia was the launch of the e-residency program, and probably the precedent that emerging countries would pursue to succeed in the financial technology market. The huge success of the e-residency program made the countries of Northern Europe dependent on technology-based initiatives to develop their economies.

Get started

Here are a few things you will need to learn, before starting your company.

Submitting the application

Pay the approval charge, and pick your digital ID location. State fee: EUR 100. Additional fees apply, depending on the location chosen for the pick-up.

Choosing the service provider

Get an Estonian point of contact and legal address. The cost maybe EUR 50-100 monthly.

Registering the company

Pay the state fee for company registration and form the structure of your company. Cost: EUR 190

Applying for business banking

To satisfy your banking needs, consider a Fintech affiliate on the Estonian service provider marketplace.

Community participation

Extend the business internationally, be an involved member of the e-Residency culture and network.

Many businesses in Estonia provide free Cryptocurrency Consultancy Service and support you become an e-resident


A company's registration in Estonia is far cheaper than starting a business in Switzerland or some other country that gets attention in the financial technology sector.

Many businesses are trying to take advantage of the success that virtual currencies have right now. The first step towards growth is to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in Estonia. The e-residency system allows the company's resources open to more clients than the Swiss crypto-currency exchange would ever touch.

The undisputed interest of citizens and foreigners who have opted to invest in Estonia can be linked back to the state assistance that the nation provides. So investing in Estonia would be the best option when you think, where to start your trade venture for cryptocurrencies.

And the Cryptocurrency Consulting Service in Estonia is perfect to get all the important information on various topics relevant to your Estonian settlement.

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