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The best time to get crypto licenses in Estonia! 😎

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Estonian parliament passed the first reading bill, which tightens the regulation of virtual currency licenses for service providers engaged in the purchase and sale of virtual currency and the provision of wallet service.

The FIU will examine the background and suitability of the members of the management board of the company, including the existence of an impeccable reputation, when processing the virtual currency license. According to the draft, the registered office of the company, the seat of the management board and the place of business must also be located in Estonia. If it is a foreign company, it must open a branch in Estonia to apply for a license and banking account in the EU is required.

In addition, the state fee for a virtual currency license is raised from EUR 345 to EUR 3,300. The procedure for granting or refusing authorization is extended by 30 working days to three months.

When you are building exchange, wallet or any tokenized project then right now is best to get licenses done before prices will go up!

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