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The Crypto Exchange Facts & Business Concept in Estonia

Almost a decade before, the term and concept of cryptocurrency and bitcoin were introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is still unknown if this was a group or an individual. Just within a decade, the cryptocurrency market has touched a whopping amount of profit, which has compelled a lot of young traders to try their hands and skills in this domain.

As per a recent report, till May 2019, the overall value of the 10,000 Bitcoins was more than $53 million. Now, this stat is maybe enough to let you know the potential and scope of cryptocurrency it has developed in a short span of time. Here are a few other interesting facts about cryptocurrency to leave you awestruck.

1. In January 2018, bitcoin valued more than 34% of the overall cryptocurrency market value of the same year.

2. The concept of bitcoin started in 2009 with the concept of decentralizing the money and other valuable assets access.

3. The first-ever merchant transaction done via Bitcoin was carried out on 22nd May 2010 by Laszlo Hanyecz. During this transaction, more than 10,000 bitcoins were exchanged to buy 2 Papa John’s Pizzas.

4. Till April 2019, there were more than 17.6 million bitcoins in a process.

5. So far, in the cryptocurrency history, the highest price of bitcoin witnessed was $20,089 per coin. This happened on 17th December 2017.

6. In April 2019, the overall value of the Bitcoin exchange all over the world reached 400 million and more.

7. In April 2019, the richest bitcoin wallet contained 125, 805 bitcoins worth $674,551,479 USD.

The Connection of Estonia and Cryptocurrency-

It may interest you to know that Estonia is the only European country that processes most of its regular transactions via cryptocurrencies. It is the only digital country in the world that permits to exchange different cryptocurrencies’ by obeying some of the strict regulations.

Witnessing the maximum leverages, benefits, and usage of cryptocurrencies’ throughout Estonia, there are a lot of investors, Blockchain businesses, and traders from all around the world who prefer to set up a cryptocurrency business in Estonia to make the most out of it.

In order to set up your Estonia’s crypto exchange business, there are a lot of agents/ crypto experts to associate with. Following the legal documentation and registration formalities, one can start a cryptocurrency business in Estonia remotely. This factor makes Estonia one of the most preferred countries to start the crypto business in.

The Last Word-

Rare people know that Estonia is one of the most-talked-about companies when it comes to cryptocurrency business outreach and expansion. There is a lot of scope and profit growth in this domain if you have the right trading skills. When talking about cryptocurrency, it’s hard to neglect Estonia. It is one of the European countries which offers to process and exchange cryptocurrency but with a set of rules. At the same time, Estonia Crypto Exchange offers a number of opportunities to set up a cryptocurrency business.

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