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Why choose the Estonia cryptocurrency exchange license?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Estonia is one of the very few countries that have legalized the Trade of cryptocurrencies. That is why it is the best place if you want to start with your cryptocurrency business. But there is a lot to know if you are thinking of investing in this kind of business. We have provided the related information below in order to help you out. The first thing that you need to know is that you must apply for the Estonia cryptocurrency exchange license to get started with your business.

The state basically offers two kinds of licenses to the companies and you can choose that suits your business.

Crypto Exchange: The companies having this license are responsible for providing the exchange services. They are to offer people a flat currency in exchange for the virtual currency.

Crypto Wallet: This type of license allows the company to offer the wallet services that are related to virtual currencies.

Estonia is considered a pioneer in this file as it is the first ever country to introduce the form of legislation that legalizes the Trade of cryptocurrencies. This also ultimately gave rise to the number of foreign investors investing in the economy of the country.

Compared to the other licenses

If we compare the Estonia cryptocurrency exchange license to the ones that other countries provide, Estonia happens to have an extra edge. The license is not only cheaper but takes less processing time as well. In other countries where it might take up to three to six months for the license processing, it just takes six weeks in Estonia. Also, the benefit of the Estonian license is that its financial legislation and IT policies have made the whole procedure extremely straightforward and simple as well.

Advantages of The Estonia cryptocurrency exchange license

The liberal regulations in the country have given a huge chance to the cryptocurrency business to develop. This has not only given advantages to the cryptocurrency start-ups but also has provided a great opportunity for growth to the existing companies as well. The country also supports the crypto ATMs, and the virtual exchanges have been secured to be used by anyone. That is why we say that the Estonia cryptocurrency exchange license is the best one as compared to all the others that exist.

It also gave rise to the foreign investments happening in the country as the investors get the corporate tax exemption on the profits that they reinvest. Also, it is extremely easy for companies to set up a bank account that is connected to the European Union.

With all the benefits that are offered to the Estonia cryptocurrency exchange license holders, there are also responsibilities to submit the accurate details and related information. That is why you are suggested to mention each and every honestly that is asked for in the application to apply for the Estonian Cryptocurrency License. You can even take help from the experts in case you face any related issues.


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