• Mardo Soo

Why Estonia's Blockchain technology in government is getting popular worldwide?

Estonia is known as a genuinely digital society. The majority of government services in Estonia offer 24X7 online Blockchain technologies. The Estonia Blockchain government is so prevalent in Europe and throughout the world. And that's why Estonia is known as the best European country to invest in your business.


In 2007, Estonia was hit by significant cyber-attacks, which in some cases lasted weeks. Although in 2008, Estonia started testing Blockchain technology. Even before the Bitcoin white-paper that first coined the term 'Blockchain'. Earlier time, Estonia was calling this technology' hash-linked time-stamping'. In the year 2012, Blockchain was used in Estonia to protect e-services, smart devices, and national data in the private and public sectors. So, after the most powerful cyber attack, Estonia's Blockchain technology government came in 2012.

Blockchain is a system to record data in a way that is impossible to hack, change, or do fraud with. It's a type of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in which transactions are recorded with a hash. Blockchain grows in every sector; here are five compelling reasons why Estonia's Blockchain technology in government is becoming so popular among the world:

100% secure to use: There is a hype in Estonia's Blockchain technology in government for the past few years, as it is different from other software or technologies. In this, nobody is in charge; the Blockchain technology can run by the people who use it. So, it protects public or private records from hackers or frauds.

Trustworthy: Blockchain-based solutions are transparent, which allows the user to verify and see their data. Estonia's Blockchain technology in government allows for independent governmental claims verification. This technology allows the government or citizens to access their confidential records. For example, Blockchain technology can use filing taxes, medical e-prescriptions, and buying a car online without going to the vehicle registration office.

Contribute to the well-being: Blockchain technology ensures that no one misuses data. Also, it helps to detect a person's digital changes or health data when needed. Blockchain technology allows us to keep an eye on when and why information about any organization has changed.

Reduce cost: Estonia's blockchain technology in government is much-needed for party leaders. Blockchain solutions can reduce streamline processes, redundancy, decrease audit burden, ensure data integrity, and increase security. It helps the government to accomplish goals.

Identity verification: Blockchain pioneers face high costs to verify who they are dealing with. Before providing services, a provider must have gone through strong KYC processing. It lowers the risk of online fraud.

Presently, the Estonia blockchain government leads the digital identity frontier as they have the best technology. Management can leverage blockchain technology to implement process optimization, integrate hyperconnected services, and cybersecurity while supporting trust. If any government adopts Blockchain, it could provide an optimal good governance model.

On average, it takes seven months to discover data breaches generally, but with Estonia's blockchain technology in government, those breaches can be detected instantly. Many countries around the world choose this outstanding blockchain technology. It's an e-Government solution, which helps in growth and well-being.

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